Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grand Canyon Storm clearing

We (Lauren, Mary Elise, Irene and Elaina in the girls car and Mike, John and Leonard in the guys car) took off after brunch. Sunday after Chelsea and Leonard's wedding . We left the Prescot Resort and went straight to Grand Canyon for a helicopter ride. Sad to say, the pilots were grounded and we were a bit unsure why until we had paid the Park fee of $25 per car and drove into the park. Completly socked with heavy heavy fog (we thought)) but it turned out to be rain clouds, we were actually walking in the clouds because we were so high up above the river. We got soaked and as we were looking over the edge, the storm started to clear and we watched the clouds come up the rocks and start to clear. IT WAS AWESOME!! This is my picture of that scene for ever remembered. Thanks to everyone who laughed and giggled as we got wet and dewey.
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